Engineering Services

Advanced air mobility technologies are demonstrating their potential to transform the aviation industry.

Distributed propulsion, both electric and hybrid, has facilitated the emergence of completely novel aircraft designs. The advent of micro flight controllers has diminished the distinction between manned and unmanned aircraft, leading to new opportunities for testing unconventional platforms.

For the first time, innovators have the opportunity to tailor vehicles to specific use cases, thereby enhancing efficiencies in targeted markets. However, what remains constant is the engineering rigor and discipline required to develop and launch phenomenal aircraft and UAVs.


  • Systems engineering and trade studies 
  • Design and development support
  • Payload and sensor integration
  • Conversions


  • Flight Controller integration (Veronte, PX4) 
  • Flight test support

Ducted Fans

  • Design and fabrication
  • 100 to 600 lbs thrust
  • Vehicle and controller integration
  • Sim models (Simulink, X-Plane)


  • Custom molded composite aero-structures 
  • 3D printing and CNC router cutting
  • Assembly and test