At Aerofex our passion is aero-tech. We develop aerospace and flight technology as a service, for license, and for sale.

We utilize the latest flight and modeling software to develop hardware to demonstrate a new technology or solve the needs of our clients. Those clients include sector-leading companies in aerospace, aviation, and technology.

Through our IP we are developing the building blocks for air mobility. Our growing portfolio of innovations has the potential to revolutionize how your food is grown, how you commute, and how you play.

Aerofex innovations are more than theoretical – we fly what we build. 

Our platforms are enabled by proprietary propellers designed to perform in and out of ground effect – with unique potential to reduce noise.

We’ve developed a VTOL system that has led to the development and licensing of a large UAV for agriculture – soon to be fielded commercially.  

We’ve demonstrated augmented kinesthetic control on a flying motorcycle,  leading to international patents for ducted fans and its 3D interface – while opening the collective imagination to personal flight. 

We are continually expanding our portfolio of innovations to enable real-world Applications that will lower the barriers to the benefits of flight. 

Your interest in Aerofex is appreciated. We hope our work will inspire you to Work with Us, or inquire about our tech.