aero-tech engineering & development

Aerofex develops flight technology for our clients and society. We are continually innovating to develop technology that will lower the barriers to flight and enable real-world utility for the benefit of all.

Our innovations are more than theoretical – we fly what we build.

aerospace to aerotech

Aerofex principals are recognized leaders in the aerospace and defense industry with stellar track records. Together, they have worked on some of the most sophisticated aircraft and spacecraft ever launched.

Through Aerofex, they have brought the same disciplined practices required of aero and space to the commercial sector, developing the technology that will enable aerial utility vehicles of the very near future.

The Aerofex flying motorcycle was developed as a testbed to explore the potential and limits of VTOL ducted fans. It first flew in 2008, a year before 3D Robotics introduced the first commercial micro flight controller for RC enthusiasts.

Instead of a flight controller, it flew using kinesthetic control, a concept where the pilot stabilizes and controls a personal aircraft intuitively, similar to riding a bike. When it was retired after four further years of intermittent development, the ducted fans were producing 1,250 lbs of thrust in ground effect – over 50% more than that first flight. 

credit Photographer Larry Bartholomew; Pilot Mark De Roche