About Us

Our mission is to democratize flight.

Airplanes and helicopters are costly and complicated, putting them out of reach for most people. By reducing costs and simplifying training, Aerofex will make flight an affordable reality for businesses ready to employ a multitude of low-altitude applications and for consumers eager to take to the sky.

Our flagship vehicle – the Aero-X – is safe, easy to operate, and much less expensive than an airplane or helicopter. More importantly, it can do things that helicopters and airplanes cannot. Key innovations – including the vehicle design, the control system, and several safety features – have accounted for nine patents granted or pending.   These breakthroughs – as well as our ongoing commitment to quality, safety, and beautiful design shaped the ground-breaking Aero-X, and will be the basis for future vehicle releases.

Aerofex Corporation is led by Mark DeRoche, an experienced aerospace engineer whose vision of the benefits and utility of low-altitude flight has inspired 15 years of development and innovation. DeRoche is joined by a team of engineers and executives dedicated to bringing vehicles to the market that are innovative, exciting, and useful.