A two-person craft would prove useful for paramedics in rugged terrain, or ferrying medics when catastrophe has damaged the local infrastructure. For search and rescue it provides the advantage of another set of eyes that are free from the responsibility of operating the craft.

An obvious benefit of the arrangement is that only the pilot needs to be trained in operating the vehicle, while the passenger can remain focused on his/her skills as a specialist.

Herd management or game preservation are good examples where subject animals are likely remote, the terrain difficult, and the visiting veterinarian or specialist is unfamiliar with the craft.

As a trainer for future pilots it offers the value of prior riding experience such that the first time airborne is not a solo flight.

For lighter applications, the craft would be ideal for aero-trekking with a friend or groups of friends. The vehicles could all be trailered to a canyon, river bed or ranch and operated similar to off-road vehicles.