Tests Confirm Performance of a Vertical Lift Propeller

October 10, 2018

Los Angeles, CA October 2018 – Aerofex has successfully tested a propeller developed specifically for ducted fans. The purpose of the test was to characterize the distribution of lift across the blades. The results matched predictions over the length of the blades, producing twice the flow of conventional propellers at the tips.

The blades were designed to move the center of thrust outboard and prevent stall in ground effect. The test articles were assembled into a three-bladed fan and spun to Mach .68. Although the fan was not tuned to maximize thrust for these tests, it generated 8% greater lift than the best off-the-shelf alternative.

The blades are well-suited for vehicles in which multiple propellers spin in opposing directions – such as large multi-rotor UAVs. Their tooling ensures equal thrust for both clockwise and counterclockwise models – eliminating the imbalance discovered in off-the-shelf propellers.

Future tests will determine if a variant of the blade produces similarly high static thrust without the duct, for light-sport aircraft, sea-planes, and air-boats.

Aerofex is a California based aero-tech firm working to further the utility of flight.