Second International Patent Granted for Aerofex Control Technology

December 31, 2015

Los Angeles, CA December 2015 – Aerofex Inc. (Aerofex) has been granted its second international patent for the Aero-X control technology.

Japan joins China and the United States in recognizing the novel and unique attributes of Peripheral Control Ejectors (PCE) for controlling ducted fan vehicles. The technology is applicable to unmanned aerial vehicles as well as the piloted craft on which it was developed.

The Japanese patent is significant as Japan leads the world in aerial application by unmanned aircraft (ie, crop dusting by drone). Roughly 2,300 remotely piloted aerial vehicles spray about 85% of Japanese crops. It is projected that by 2025 the number will increase to 160,000 vehicles worldwide. The PCE technology is directly applicable to this emerging market due to its heavy lift, enclosed rotors, and tolerance of rugged environments. For similar reasons the Chinese patent is important, as China is the largest manufacturer of commercial unmanned aerial vehicles in the world.

Together with the US patent, the three patents for the control system bolster a growing intellectual property portfolio covering the enabling technologies at the core of the Aero-X and derivative platforms.

Aerofex is a closely held Los Angeles based aero-development firm. The company’s goal is to bring to market a family of low-altitude platforms offering disruptive capabilities.