Search and Rescue

One of the strengths of the Aero-X is operating above rather than on top of a surface, regardless of the surface stability or make-up (ground, water, ice, etc). This makes it an ideal vehicle for many search and rescue scenarios.

Immediately following land or mudslides the ground is too unstable for search and rescue workers. However, the timing to search for survivors is paramount so waiting for the ground to stabilize is usually not an option.

In such a scenario the Aero-X would be brought to the forward operating area towed behind an emergency response vehicle. It would not need to traverse public land or national airspace. It would be unloaded and operated similar to an ATV. As the situation dictates, the Aero-X could be fitted at the disaster site with lights, rescue gear, or sensors capable of picking up the heat of a living body.

Since it is intuitive to operate, search pilots could be switched throughout the day while the machine is refueled and continuously carries out its task. This is a paradigm shift in aerial operations when compared to conventional aircraft – which must return to an airport for fuel and whose pilots must be trained for each type.