Novel Ducted-Fan Control Technology Granted US Patent

April 9, 2013

Manhattan Beach, CA April 9, 2013 – Aerofex Inc. (Aerofex), announced today the issuance by the United States Patent and Trademark Office of a US Patent for its “Peripheral Control Ejector” technology. The patent covers a revolutionary alternative to the conventional – and complex method of control employed by helicopters.

The patented technology employs a peripheral ejector to augment thrust and generate control moments from a fixed-pitch ducted fan. Ejectors are known to increase the thrust and efficiency of a jet stream. Utilizing ejector phenomena for thrust augmentation and control of ducted fans is a unique and novel development, as recognized by the issuance of the patent.

The technology is applicable to unmanned and manned aerial vehicles. The control system will provide new capabilities to unmanned platforms, and enable lower-cost manned aircraft. It was developed and demonstrated on Aerofexʼs flying test-bed.

The patent has been assigned to Aerofex and is part of a growing intellectual property portfolio related to vertical flight technology.  Aerofex is a privately held aero-tech development firm driven to advance technologies that will lower the barriers to the utility of flight.