Flying Motorcycles

Because who doesn’t want to fly a motorcycle.

First flown in 2011, Aerofex’s flying motorcyle has been used to develop vertical flight technologies ever since. Its novel ducted fan control system was developed in-situ. The results were  presented in a paper to the Future Vertical Lift Conference in San Francisco, CA in 2012. That control system has led to patents in three countries, with another pending. It serves as the baseline control system for all Aerofex platforms.

What seemed a simple issue – the pilot interface, required many more iterations than originally envisioned. Creating an intuitive interface to maneuver in three-dimensions proved a challenging task. The result is a control-set that is applicable to any vehicle that travels in three-dimensions. 

The control-set locates all flight controls in the hands of the pilot – thus freeing his feet. It enables full control with only one hand. The interface enables a pilot to fly sitting as if in a helicopter, or in a prone position as on a motorcycle – and maintains the same level of intuition as a motorcycle, regardless of the craft. 

Thus the name.