Development Test-bed

Perhaps not an “application” in the market sense, the use of our prototype as a test-bed does enable us to advance the technology behind the Aero-X and specific applications.

We develop and fly any new sub-system for the Aero-X on the test-bed before incorporating it into the baseline design. Our second-generation prototype includes a re-engineered pilot interface that places all flight control functions in the hand-grips – pitch, roll, yaw and power. The design maintains the same level of intuition for the pilot and allows full control with only one hand – a necessity for useful flight. In addition, a redundant dual-string control system has been integrated, which provides stability augmentation.

Also heading out to the test site for evaluation is a distributed landing gear that will enable us to test the effectiveness of downdraft manipulation devices for agriculture. For hosting industrial sensor payloads, an instrumentation package has been integrated to assess vibration levels and disturbances generated on-board the vehicle in flight.