Flying Demonstrator Unveiled at Future Vertical Lift Conference

January 18, 2012

San Francisco, CA January 18, 2012 – Aerofex Inc. (Aerofex) presented its recent technical developments at the American Helicopter Society Future Vertical Lift Conference in San Francisco this week.  The presentation showcased an ejector control system for ducted fan craft that augments thrust and replaces cyclically variable rotors – the type used in helicopters, with a simpler more cost-effective alternative.

Aerofex was represented at the specialistʼs conference by Mark De Roche its Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and experienced aerospace engineer. His presentation included a video demonstrating the effectiveness of the control system on a manned aerial vehicle performing a sequence of basic flight maneuvers at low-altitude. It was the first time the test-bed vehicle had been shown in public.

The presentation accompanied a technical paper, published and distributed through the American Helicopter Society.

Aerofex Corporation is a privately held aero-tech development firm located in Manhattan Beach, California. Its goal is to advance technologies that will lower the boundaries to the benefits of flight.