Aerofex named 2014 Inspiration Award Recipient

February 15, 2015

Los Angeles, CA February 15, 2015 – Aerofex is honored to be named a recipient of the 2014 Inspiration Award from Hearst Business Media for launch of the Aero-X.

The Aero-X is a two person low-altitude aerial utility vehicle designed to bridge the gap between all-terrain vehicles and light aircraft. Since its launch in May of 2014, Aerofex has received orders from forward-looking enthusiasts and interest from the industrial sector seeking cost-effective alternatives for tasks typically performed by helicopter.

Based on its predecessor – a single-man prototype that has been flying since 2011, the Aero-X promises to lower the boundaries to thrilling and useful flight. The prototype currently serves as a test-bed for the systems that will go into the Aero-X. It will resume flying this summer to demonstrate the dual string controls that are a feature of the Aero-X.

Aerofex Corporation is a privately held aero-tech development firm located in Los Angeles, CA. Its goal is to bring to fruition technologies that will lower the barriers to the benefits of flight.