Fourth Patent Awarded to Aerofex for Intuitive Personal Flight

February 18, 2014

Manhattan Beach, CA February 18, 2014 – Aerofex Inc. (Aerofex) has been granted a United States patent for its “Integrated Air-Vehicle Control System”.  The patent is part of a growing intellectual property portfolio covering aerial utility vehicle technology that includes four issued patents in the US, and numerous applications pending both in the US and internationally.

The patented technology is considered a critical enabler of intuitive personal flight.  It integrates an ejector control system with a pilot interface and unique vehicle configuration to enable intuitive piloting of aerial vehicles with much greater size and utility than have been possible to date.  The technology was developed and has been proven in flight on Aerofexʼs manned test-bed.

The integrated flight control system was developed on company funds and the patent has been assigned to Aerofex.  Aerofex is an aero-tech development firm focused on advancing technologies that will lower the barriers to the utility of flight.