Aerofex Develops Blades Optimized for Ducted Fans

September 19, 2018

Los Angeles, CA September 2018 – Aerofex has developed a method to fabricate blades designed specifically for ducted fans. The blades are shaped to optimize static thrust and capitalize on the aerodynamic benefits of the duct. They are designed to enhance the performance of vertical take-off aircraft and drones.

The effort required development of a low-cost and repeatable method to fabricate the dual lofted surfaces of the blades. The resulting process is a form of resin transfer molding using carbon-fiber pre-forms and aluminum tooling. The low-cost approach allowed Aerofex to iterate the design of the blades to optimize performance, and create counter and clockwise rotating blades without the prohibitive cost of retooling as required by more traditional molding methods.

The current blades are designed for 40-45” diameter fans and the process could be extended for blades up to 72” diameter. Work is on-going to apply the same molding technique to fabrication of a test article duct structure.

Aerofex is a Los Angeles based aero-tech development firm whose goal is to lower the boundaries to the benefits of flight.