Trailer-44a, AGB, F150-Lbed.429
Aerial Agriculture

The first drone designed specifically for agriculture has entered its flight test phase.

Providing the missing key element to realizing the potential of precision agriculture, the platform enables aerial application, spot spraying, frost protection, and drying.

Almost all crops are sprayed – even organics. Aerial application results in the greatest yield and least damage to crops. Very few markets however have the aviation infrastructure to support conventional crop-dusting.

When fully operational the autonomous platform will enable aerial application without that infrastructure. It’s 440 lbs. of lift has the capacity and range to support commercial farming operations globally.

The technology behind the platform is scalable and will safely enable auto-refilling, swarming, and night spraying operations. The design of the platform tailors the downwash to promote plant health. Its acquisition and application costs are competitive with current ground methods.

Accessible aerial application will increase yields for everyone, while reducing the costs of drift and its liability on the environment.

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