About the Creator

Intrinsic to science and engineering are virtual models that help explain and exploit phenomena in the physical world. As the physical is developed and tested, the models are correlated and become predictive. The line between which is informing the other becomes blurred.

Skilled in the art of development in both the physical and virtual worlds, Mark de Roche has built a career working across their boundaries – using each to explore the potential and the limitations of the other. That ability has earned Aerofex sector-leading clients including Northrup-Grumman, Lockheed, Boeing, and Raytheon, among others.

His vision and innovations have earned international patents and government awards. He has been published by the American Helicopter Society, appeared in a Super Bowl commercial celebrating innovators and received the Hearst Media Inspiration Award.

In pursuit of decoding the nuances of flight he has piloted fixed-wing planes and helicopters, an autogiro, a sailplane, a parapente while skiing – and is the sole pilot of the Flying Motorcycle.