Thank you for your interest in the Aero-X platform. The Aero-X possesses unique capabilities that enable it to perform tasks or missions that are difficult or impossible for other vehicles to accomplish. The renderings shown throughout the site depict a few notional examples of potential applications.

As part of the development of the platform we have designated set-aside areas with mounting points, power, and communications for auxiliary equipment. Data on those set-aside areas is available here to third-party developers who may wish to enhance the applicability of the platform for their intended use. For example, in lieu of carrying a passenger, there are accommodations provided for auxiliary tanks or computer modules. Additional accommodations have been made for sensor pods, tablets, or whatever else will fit within the capabilities of the set-aside areas provided.

After registering once, potential developers are welcome to download the interface control document that defines those set-aside areas. As the document is updated, a current version will be emailed to you. You only need to register once.

Thank you again for your interest.

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