Robotic Crop Sprayer

With the goal of increasing crop yields, a robotic flyer is coming together at Aerofex. Designed specifically for the precision spraying of crops, its size and lift enables significant capacity for fertilizer, pesticides or seeds.

Rendered here next to the Aero-X testbed, it shares the same control system, lift-train and the ducted fans of its predecessor – allowing safe operations around ground personnel and obstacles.

The platform’s ducted fans eliminate the swirl caused by exposed wing tips and open rotor blades – a major cause of chemical drift. Its flight attitude and favorable downwash will place the input precisely where intended and below the canopy of the crop – increasing efficacy while protecting neighboring properties.

Also like the Aero-X, it is fueled by automotive petrol, enabling continuous use throughout the day – and coverage rates far in excess of battery powered drones.

Developed for field servicing and the rigors of the agriculture environment, it is constructed primarily of high-impact plastics.  It can be lifted  by two men and transported in the back of a small pick-up truck.

Field demonstrations of the robotic prototype will occur by the end of 2017.